Seems like Yesterday, Seems like a Lifetime Ago

Seems like Yesterday, Seems like a Lifetime Ago ~ Life 3 Years Post Adenomyosis!

3 years ago today, I had my hysterectomy for adenomyosis.
On December 30, 2014, I entered the OR to have my diseased uterus/cervix removed
(and to have my tubes removed as a cancer preventative measure).
The surgery would forever render me unable to have more children and would mean that my one child will always be an only child. The operation was an immense success – my uterus was described by the surgeon as a “boggy, angry, inflamed, obvious source of pain” so I’ve been thrilled to be rid of it!
During the procedure, it was also confirmed that I had had NO recurrence of endometriosis since my expert excision way back in June 2010.
I’m looking forward to marking 8 years and counting endo free in June 2018.

Post op, I’ve done incredibly well. (You can read more about the adenomyosis symptoms I was experiencing in this post I wrote last year on my 2nd hysterversary).

The past 3 years have flown by! It truly feels like it was just yesterday that I was in surgery, while somehow also feeling like it was an entire lifetime ago. My only visual reminder of the procedure are 3 ever fading scars (and the absence of a blood bath).
Today, I’m thankful to be able to say that I’m still definitely at peace with the decision and have no regrets whatsoever. In addition, I found “my people” at Adenomyosis Support – it’s been amazing to have this group of wonderful ladies who truly “get it” like no one else can.

I always chuckle whenever I’m at friend’s house and see tampons/pads in their restrooms and I still snort in the grocery store when I travel down the “feminine product” aisle. Haven’t missed those! Life is truly much freer when it’s you – and not your angry uterus – determining the course of your days!

In 2017, my husband and I took several road trips – ranging from a weekend trip to a 2 week long cross country road trip, and our child started elementary school.
I might have gone a teensy bit overboard with my giant sign for the first day and, as I have no pelvic pain, I’ve been fortunate that I can attend every open house/event/gathering as a super proud mom.

Honestly, not much has changed with my health since my update last year. My only real change at all is that, back at the beginning of 2017, I began using estrace estrogen cream for the pesky “post hysterectomy vaginal dryness” that was on my last nerve. I am ECSTATIC that things in that department are back to how they were before surgery!
Woo hoo! (Side note/mini rant – don’t ever let anyone tell you that if you keep your ovaries, you won’t develop dryness. The truth is that it is a VERY common side effect REGARDLESS of whether or not you keep your ovaries. I KEPT BOTH. If you develop this issue, please don’t suffer- there are MANY OPTIONS that don’t involve lube! Ask your doctor about things like estrace cream, vagifem, premarin cream, there are some birth control pills that can help with this, etc etc etc! My estrace estrogen cream prescription is covered by my insurance and I was sent an impressive quantity of applicators FREE just by filling out this request form)!
3x per week of estrace and lube is once again no where to be found in this house!
Personally, my only side effects from the cream have been bigger/firmer/fuller boobs. Another woo hoo from over here! You won’t hear any complaints from the husband nor myself about that haha! The downside is that the cream is a little messy, but I’ll take it!

Lastly, I visited my gyn for what I call the “annual violation” at the beginning of December and got a “see you next year” clean bill of health! My ovaries are both faithfully carrying right on and “cycling” every month and I have no pelvic pain or any symptoms or cause for concern. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Here’s to year 4 sans uterus! Can’t wait!!


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Wife. Mommy. Endometriosis/Adenomyosis/Bell's Palsy warrior. Advocate for advanced excision surgery as the gold standard treatment for endometriosis. My posts will include my personal journey with both endometriosis and adenomyosis, as well as links to resources by reputable endometriosis/adenomyosis sites (ie. Endometriosis Research Center, World Endometriosis Research Foundation, etc). Follow me on twitter -
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2 Responses to Seems like Yesterday, Seems like a Lifetime Ago

  1. So glad you are doing well! Makes me so happy to read positive stories.


  2. Renee says:

    Great read. Love you.


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