Natural Cure For Adenomyosis? 

As a women’s health advocate, I promise to always tell you the truth. I can’t, however, promise to always tell you what you want to hear. 

I was raised very ‘crunchy’ and ‘natural’. My mother birthed her children naturally with midwives at home, my daughter (while born in a hospital) was birthed naturally as well. At one time, I wholeheartedly, strongly, stubbornly believed in ‘natural healing’. I believed my body, with the aid of natural remedies, could heal itself of any condition. If I had an issue, I didn’t see an MD, I went to my trusted natural provider and also my chiropractor. I refused multiple medical doctors opinions and attempts to help me until I had spent over a year bedridden – all while heavily ‘treating’ my reproductive issues naturally. Devoid of being able to function, I lost a year of my life- in my prime. I had a gynecologist quote me on my records as saying that ‘doctors don’t help, I’ll fix it myself’. That is still documented in my medical history to this day. But here’s the cold hard facts, ladies. When it comes to *adenomyosis*, unfortunately, the best one can realistically hope for with such methods is a reduction in symptoms – the disease will still be there. My adenomyosis was asymptomatic for almost 5 years after initially being incidentally discovered – I still ultimately ended up with a #hysterectomy. THERE IS NO NATURAL OR NON SURGICAL WAY TO REMOVE THE ENDOMETRIUM (not to be confused with endometriosis!!) FROM THE MYOMETRIUM. As long as you have endometrium in the myometrium, you have adenomyosis. Not ‘had’, HAVE. Present tense. *The myometrium is the muscular layer of the uterus. Once it has been damaged, there is no cream/oil/diet/prayer/remedy that will undo that damage.* While I support anyone hoping to restore their quality of life with this condition, it is absolutely critical that we remain realistic and fact based. As part of healing, and being overcomers and not victims of this disease, we must first accept reality. And you know what? That reality sucks. It’s horrible. Awful. Frankly, it’s bullshit. Especially when you are young as I was when I had to make hard choices. I had a very unplanned hysterectomy for adenomyosis at the ripe old age of 25. But it’s still reality. Anything else is living in denial. Symptom reduction is not the same as being “healed”. In addition, adenomyosis is a progressive condition – even if one *temporarily* reduces symptoms – which is fantastic, don’t get me wrong – they are highly, highly likely to eventually go back the other way. There is only one, and I repeat, ONE cure for adenomyosis. ONE. Sadly, it’s a hysterectomy. That’s the truth. 

(Disclaimer-not advocating rushing off for a hysterectomy if that is not where you are in your journey, merely keeping it real after seeing several claims of being able to ‘heal’ adenomyosis naturally. This is also not to say that there are no options to help with symptoms or to hopefully get you to be able to have children (if that’s what you want). There are temporary options. We just have to be sure to remember that they are almost always merely temporary. ❤️) 
~ Rebecca Gibson




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Wife. Mommy. Endometriosis/Adenomyosis/Bell's Palsy warrior. Advocate for advanced excision surgery as the gold standard treatment for endometriosis. My posts will include my personal journey with both endometriosis and adenomyosis, as well as links to resources by reputable endometriosis/adenomyosis sites (ie. Endometriosis Research Center, World Endometriosis Research Foundation, etc). Follow me on twitter -
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