Yoga ~ it’s what’s for exercise!

One of the things that my amazing pelvic floor physical therapist recommended was low impact exercise – specifically yoga and Pilates. I haven’t worked up the courage to join an actual class yet (I did check around for local options – that counts for something, right?) but my husband and I have started doing yoga together in the evenings.

We’re currently following the Yoga with Adriene videos on YouTube.
So far, her channel has been the best fit for us.
< >

I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m actually enjoying the time spent doing yoga
as I’ve never had much interest in it – mostly considered it to “not be my thing.”
It’s working out well – time spent with the hubby while I’m working towards getting back in shape.

Maybe I’ll try out a class soon!


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Wife. Mommy. Endometriosis/Adenomyosis/Bell's Palsy warrior. Advocate for advanced excision surgery as the gold standard treatment for endometriosis. My posts will include my personal journey with both endometriosis and adenomyosis, as well as links to resources by reputable endometriosis/adenomyosis sites (ie. Endometriosis Research Center, World Endometriosis Research Foundation, etc). Follow me on twitter -
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